How to Decorate: So Many Gallery Wall Styles!

I love using a Gallery Wall to showcase my life. It is such a great way to capture the everyday and milestone memories personalized to you and your family. I was looking around to get some ideas and found so many unique and creative gallery wall options. I am sure you will find one to fit your life.
1.A Gallery Wall for Every Personality – Houzz
It seems like a lot of designers have rules about how to create a good gallery wall. Some will even come to your house and consult on which pieces to hang in what composition. Retailers will sell you frame……
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2.Colored Mat Gallery Wall Idea – A Beautiful Mess
Sometimes decor inspiration can come from the most unexpected places. I grew up on old movies, and I still get such a nostalgic pleasure from watching my favorite Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn films over and over again….
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3.How to Create a Temporary Gallery Wall » …
When planning a gallery wall, first lay out your frames on your floor first so you can move things around until you are satisfied with the layout. And here is where I use my secret weapon…3M strips. These are what makes the ……
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4.Try This: A Gallery Wall in the Bedroom | Apartment Therapy
The bedroom, a spot that we usually want to be calm and soothing, may seem like an unusual place for a gallery wall. But lately I’ve been spotting lots of bedrooms that make this dynamic decoration work. You can keep ……
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5.Gallery Wall ‹ Anything & EverythingAnything & Everything
Gallery Wall. Ahh finally the day has come that my gallery wall is up! I seriously have had everything I needed for this gallery wall just sitting on a shelf for months, and I mean months. The time had come to do a little bit of ……
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6.Project: Gallery Walls of Wonderful Art! | decor8
Let’s talk about gallery walls of wonderful art. First, it’s what I’m currently working on in my home. I have a few spots planned to create little galleries. Well, one will be quite extensive and most likely be in my office. That is the ……
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7.Playroom Gallery Wall – Love of Family & Home
Hey Friends!! Can you believe it?! Two posts in one week?! I’m feeling like a rockstar right now! I’ve finally found some motivation to get some things done around here and it feels SO GOOD!! Not only that, but I’ve also found ……
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Great plan to keep your kids on task during the days between summer and back to school!

What to do in those last few days of summer before school starts?



A good friend of mine told me how she was keeping her rising 5th & 8th grader kids on task and busy during the summer days while she has to work. She has this great system that includes a folder with sickies for each task that they have to do each day. The front of the folder has all of the tasks and when they complete the task, they move the sticky to the inside of the folder. The tasks include things like:
· Make Bed
· Feed Dog
· Read for 30 minutes
· Work on an art project for 30 minutes
· Bike for 30 minutes
· Play with the dog for 30 minutes

This is such a great idea! In fact I already started a folder for my son for the weekends when we have too much free time! How do you keep your kids on task during these summer days?

Back to School Lunch Ideas

I can’t believe it is already time for my son to go back to school. He is in year round so they start much earlier in the summer. One of my biggest challenges is coming up with yummy lunch options so he isn’t eating the same thing day in and day out. I found some great posts and lunch ideas. Let me know if you have any delicious kid friendly lunch ideas!
1.Healthy School Lunch Ideas – Classy Clutter
I wanted to find some healthy lunch ideas for my son. Here are 10 ……
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2.Gluten Free Back to School Lunch Ideas
Its time to get back to school and pack those lunches. Keep it gluten free and healthy!…
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3.25 Back to School Lunch Ideas – The Taylor House
25 Back to School Lunch Ideas. It’s that time of year again, back to school is right around the corner! Are you ready? Today we have 25 fun lunch ideas for your kids that they will love! It can be so hard to keep the kids’ lunch ……
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What to do with all those Mason Jars

Maybe you’ve cleaned out your kitchen cabinets and garage and found a bunch of random mason jars. Check out al of the creative options you have for. Reusing those mason jars?
DIY ARTS & CRAFTS: Mason Jars Flag | Yokota FSS
BBQs and cookouts are standard for the 4th of July. Bring some festiveness to your table with this fun mason-jar flag DIY!…
Stars & Stripes Lanterns – Mason Jar Crafts Love
When I saw these red, white, and blue mason jars, I clunked my head … and then I fell off my chair. I mean, how genius is this take on the American flag mason jar design? So simple to add a few dots and stars so that these ……
Leather Mason Jar Hanger – Mason Jar Crafts Love
Would you believe that’s a pickle jar hanging up there? That’s right. An upcycled … or recycled … or repurposed … pickle jar. A very stylish one, at that. It’s enough to make me want to eat my way through that jar of Vlasic Dill ……
Organizing Spices in Mason Jars – The Country Chic Cottage
A unique way for organizing spices in mason jars including a chalkboard drawer liner so you never misplace spices again. Click to … Filed Under: jar crafts, kitchen, organization, quick and easy, tutorials Tagged With: sizzix….
12 Spring Mason Jar Crafts –
12 Spring Mason Jar Crafts l EverythingEtsy. Spring and mason jars go together like bees and honey! There are a million creative ideas to turn a simple mason jars into something awesome! You’ll find ideas to decorate every ……
Strawberry Pineapple Drink – Mason Jar Crafts Love
A heat that would’ve been nice to break up with a super cool and refreshing drink served in a mason jar … like this refreshing Strawberry Pineapple Shaker. It looks – and sounds – like a thirst-quencher to me. Not to mention ……
Mason Jar Crafts: Polka-Dot Lanterns Perfect for Summer
These Polka-Dot Lanterns are fun and easy mason jar crafts that will help get your backyard ready for summer. It’s the mason jar idea you’re looking for….
Mason Jar Craft Supply Organizer – The Country Chic Cottage
It is day 3 of Craft Lightning and my mason jar craft supply organizer is a quick and easy way to get you organized. This one was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed as part of my design team status but I thought I would ……
How To Spray Paint Jars – Mason Jar Crafts Love
Spray painting mason jars is really easy. As in super easy. So my sharing a how to spray paint mason jars seems a bit silly … … but, in my defense, I do have a few tips to share. Like (1) Here’s the spray paint brand I use ……
20 Best Mason Jar Crafts – The Taylor House
20 of the BEST Mason Jar Crafts for creating gifts and more!…
Mirrored Mason Jar – Mason Jar Crafts Love
mercury-glass-mason-jar-crafts-7. I was so excited when I spotted Amy’s mirrored mason jar craft, especially since she used blue – and green – mason jars for her project! And while I do like the look of the clear, somehow the ……
Mason Jar Salad Container – The Country Chic Cottage
Lets make one! You will need a Quart Wide Mouth Mason Jar plus a Wide Mouth Squat Mason Jar . The secret to this project is E6000 Craft Adhesive . I have been using it for years to bound various surfaces around my home….
Succulent Mason Jar Craft w/ Free Printable – Mom 4 Real
Today we have a special guest! I met Jennifere from Pink When a couple of weeks ago in Utah! She is super talented and amazing, and is going to share the cutest Succulent Mason Jar Craft which will make the perfect gift for ……

Saturdays are for Yard Sales!

I love Saturdays! My son and I love to pack up the car early and head out in search of the days treasures. It’s amazing what you can find and for such great deals. Today we hit the jackpot with some awesome Star Wars toys for my son. So get out and get your yard sale on. Tell me what you find!

2014-06-21 08.41.43
My son got these Star Wars items for 50 cent each!


She’s got style

2014-06-21 09.34.39 2014-06-21 09.34.44

I love getting out and  meeting new, interesting and stylish people. I met the most fabulous gal the other day at a yard sale. She had style, she had grace, bright red hair and an awesome tattoo! I love finding people with unique tattoos. This one is beautiful. Have you seen any interesting and unique tattoos lately? Share them with us!


How To Cut A Watermelon-11

The Easiest (and Coolest) Way To Cut A Watermelon

I saw an article the other day that showed the “right” way to cut and cube a watermelon. THIS way is magic! Once someone showed me this, I never went back to buying pre-packaged, cubed melon. It is so easy and saves you a ton of money if you do it yourself. Did I mention, it is also very quick and low mess? I Know! Amazing, right?

Here’s how you do it:

1. Cut your watermelon in half. Then cut each half in half until you have a quarter that looks like this (below.) Using a big knife, slice 1 inch thick lines into one side. You can feel when the knife is hitting the rind…just glide the knife against it.

Now turn it the other way and repeat on the other side.

How To Cut A Watermelon-5

2. Next, cut crosswise through the melon, gliding the tip of your knife against the back of the rind, just like you did before. Make your cuts about an inch apart here too.

How To Cut A Watermelon-6

How To Cut A Watermelon-7
3. now cut along the rind, letting your knife go about halfway through. Turn it and do the same on the other side.

How To Cut A Watermelon-9

Now flip it over a big bowl and enjoy your perfect melon cubes!How To Cut A Watermelon-11


Don’t Want To Live On The Moon Sesame Street

When it comes to songs for kids, this one is hands down my favorite. I remember it from when my sisters and I were little and it was one of my oldest son’s favorite songs to sing and cuddle to together. Now I get to share it with my littlest too!
Warning: it is the sweetest song and might make you tear up a little!
Enjoy this vintage Sesame Street clip of Ernie and Burt singing “I’d Like To Visit The Moon.”